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Sapphire wafer A-plane R-plane M-plane semi polar non polar

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Sapphire wafer A-plane R-plane M-plane semipolar /nonpolar



Material: >99.999% , High Purity, Al2O3

Orientation: A-axis(1120) ±0.1°

Orientation: R-axis(1102) ±0.1°

Orientation: M-axis(1010) ±0.1°

Orientation: C-plane off 1~4 degree toward A-plane/ M-plane

Diameter: 50.8 +/- 0.1mm (2inch)

Thickness: 430 +/-25um

Surface roughness:

Front Side: Epi-Polished, Ra≤0.2nm

Back Side: Epi-Polished, Ra≤0.2nm (SSP)

Fine ground Ra=0.8-1.2um (DSP)

TTV: <10 um

BOW: <10 um

Warp : <10 um

Class 100 Clean room cleaning and vacuum nitrogen packaging,