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Silicon wafer

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Silicon wafer is the most common material and widely used for a varity of high-tech industries, including integrated circuits , detector or sensor device , MEMS fabrication, opto-electronic components, and solar cells . Helios provide both standard and customized silicon wafers to meet your unique needs.


Regular specification of Silicon wafer                             

Silicon Wafer: 2 inch/ 3 inch/ 4 inch/ 5 inch/ 6 inch

Diameter(mm): 50.8/ 76.2/ 100/ 125/ 150

Thickness(mm): 275/ 375/ 525/ 625/ 675

Conductivity type: P-type or N-type

Dopant available: Boron/ Phosphorous/ Antimony/ Arsenic

Orientation: <100>, <111>, <110> or others

Resistivity range: 0.001-10000 ohm-cm

Surface finish: Cut, Lapped, Polished

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