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GaN wafer

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Gallium nitride (GaN) is a very hard material that has a wurtzite crystal structure and probably is the most important semiconductor material since silicon. It can be used to emit brilliant light in the form of light emitting diodes (LEDs) and laser diodes, as well as being the key material for next generation high frequency, high power transistors capable of operating at high temperatures.


GaN based epitaxial wafer (Sapphire) Epitaxial wafers are grown by MBE or MOCVD method , one layer or multi-layer structures on Sapphire substrates , diameter up to 4 inch.


Regular specification of GaN on Sapphire wafer

Dimensions: 2inch 4inch

Substrate: Sapphire

Thickness: 1-5um

Orientation: C-axis(0001) ± 1°/ R/ M/ A

Conduction Type: Semi-Insulating/ N/ P

Dislocation Density:     

XRD FWHM of (0002) <300 arcsec.

XRD FWHM of (10-12) < 800 arcsec

Useable Surface Area: min 80%

Polishing Standard: Single/Double Side Polishing

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